Migrant Camp Meetings

Migrant Camp Ministries are done in conjunction with Fruitbelt Farm Worker Christian Ministry. The fruitbelt workers are workers who mostly come from Mexico or south of the border to work in local orchards. We have services with them with bilingual singing in English and Spanish and sometimes we have a person to give a meditation in Spanish. We fellowship with them with food and games afterward for relationship building.  In the fall months we visit three groups with varying attendance. We have people of various age groups involved.

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Work Team Partners Inc. (Dominican Republic)

WTP’s mission is to partner with individuals, churches, and other groups in Third World countries to promote economic, educational, and agricultural development and related activities.

Work Team Partners has sent teams from Mercersburg Mennonite and other area churches to the Dominican Republic annually since 2007.

Excerpts from an article published in the Public Opinion in September 2013. To read the full article, click here. 

“Work Team Partners Inc., is a local short-term mission team that helps with construction work in Los Toros, Dominican Republic.

WTPI members will donate their time and pay for air fare, ground transportation and other expenses associated with the trip.

The group will again work on two construction projects with the congregation of Iglesia Nuevo Renacer de Los Hermanos, Los Toros residents and a hired contractor. They will finish building a home that was begun for a family with three children. The team will pour a concrete floor, install a roof, plaster walls, put in a bathroom and buy windows and doors for the home.

The second project is to begin construction on a home for a family with two children. The home design will be similar to prior homes the team helped build in Los Toros.

Since the team’s first trip in 2007, it has helped build seven homes, add rooms to four existing homes and build two additions to a pre-school sponsored by Iglesia Nuevo Renacer de Los Hermanos.

WTPI has also established an agricultural development fund to help the church buy several adjoining parcels of land totaling about 15.5 acres. With irrigation pipes installed, this land is being used by local farmers to raise cattle which they can sell for a profit. Several calves have since been born, increasing the size of the small herd and providing fresh milk that is also sold.”


Operation Christmas Child – Ministry of Samaritan’s Purse International

Our church is a collection site for shoe boxes that are distributed to children around the world.  To learn more about this ministry click here